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* These ranges feature curved doors giving them an air of modernity


This page shows door types and are categorized into wood, vinyl wrapped, foil wrapped and sprayed gloss and other materials. See 'Go to' on the right to see the relevant selection

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All wood doors have either a solid timber frame of the wood type indicated or the frame is wood veneered.
Centre panels are either solid timber or wood veneered

In-frame doors are set in a frame to give it a more bespoke look but are more expensive

Estro Walnut*

Broadoak Ivory - painted*

Broadoak Sanded*

Broadoak Natural*

Broadoak Light*

American Walnut

Curved wall cupboards

Natural Oak*

Washed Oak*

Lansdowne Painted Oak Red, Burgundy & Black*

Lansdowne Painted Oak Cornflower, Grey & Hessian*

Lansdowne Painted Oak Cream, Maize & Sage*


Black Walnut*

Lansdowne Maple*

Milton painted oak - Sage - in-frame*

Milton walnut - in-frame*

Milton Oak - In-frame*

Milton painted oak - Ivory - in-frame*

Estro Walnut*

Veneered doors in beautiful woods

Bookmatched veneer doors for the WOW

Ignea - painted white veneer. Grain visible

Izari - veneer*

Maki - veneer

Timo handleless wood veneer with curves*

Odessa Black Walnut*

Radiused vertical edges

Odessa Natural Oak*

Radiused vertical edges

Petworth Sage* See Lansdowne, above, for a full range of colours

Petworth Natural Oak*

Petworth* See Lansdowne, above, for a full range of colours

Biefbi Venezia. Wood matt or lacquered. Plus gold & silver leaf

Clonmel* - Stained & painted oak door.
Stain colours on right

Stain colours for Clonmel (left) & Tavola (right)

Tavola light Oak. Also stained & painted doors. Stain colours on left

Revello Black Walnut*

Revello Dark Oak*

Revello Natural Oak*


A preprinted plastic sheet that is formed on to the MDF (medium density fiberboard)

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Avant Cappuccino - gloss*

Avant Ivory - gloss*

Avant White - gloss*

Avant Black- gloss*

Avant Terra gloss*


Avant Ebony Gloss*

Fresco - silk white

Fresco - silk Beige

Pesca - wood effect textured door

Valais - gloss white shimmer effect

Integrato - handleless



A very fine printed reproduction of the wood grain that is formed onto the door or draw giving a very realistic appearance

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Freestyle Ivory

Gullwing Calvados Discontinued

Gullwing Maple Discontinued

Gullwing Oak Discontinued

Gullwing Vanilla

Gullwing Beech Discontinued

Scope Beech


Scope Calvados


Scope Montana Oak


Scope Maple


Scope Walnut

Sprayed gloss MDF
Other materials & finishes

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Handleless gloss doors with curves Handleless gloss doors with curves

Alto textured matt

Alto textured matt

Futura handless gloss + wood effect gloss. NOW with curves

Lastra Sprayed gloss + wood effect gloss*

Stainless Steel*

Biefbi Murano. Sprayed gloss. Handleless

Ultra High Gloss door in Black,White, Latte and Vanilla

Ultra High Gloss door in wood effect Ebony & Olivewood

Biefbi Timo* Handleless

Sprayed gloss/satin any colour

Ultra High Gloss door in Latte and Vanilla

Ultra High Gloss door in White, Black, Latte and Vanilla

Biefbi Venezia. Gold & silver leaf doors available in any Biefbi range

Textured laminate in 16 wood grains

Malmo - gloss painted handleless door in white and Latta

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American Walnut

Avant Beige


Avant Cappuccino

Avant Ebony

Avant Ivory

Avant Terra



Baltic Maple


Biefbi Venezia

Biefbi Murano

Biefbi Timo

Biefbi Timo Wood

Book Matched Veneer

Broadoak Ivory

Broadoak Light

Broadoak Natural

Broadoak Sanded

Buttermilk Ivory


Croft Oak

Eden Classic

Eden Oak

Eden Sanded

Estro Walnut

Eterno Walnut

Eterno White

Freestyle Ivory


Fresco Beige

Futura Cucina Colore

Gloss Doors

Gullwing Beech

Gullwing Calvados

Gullwing Maple

Gullwing Oak

Handleless Doors


Integrato White



Lansdowne Black Walnut

Lansdowne Maple

Lansdowne Natural Oak

Lansdowne Painted Oak

Lansdowne Washed Oak

Lastra Cucina Colore

Linear Pear


Marpatt Bedrooms

Milton Inframe Ivory

Milton Inframe Sage

Milton Inframe Walnut

Milton Oak

Milton Walnut Inframe

Murano from Biefbi

New & unusual doors

Odessa Black Walnut

Odessa Natural Oak



Petworth Natural Oak

Petworth Painted Oak

Revello Black Walnut

Revello Dark Oak

Revello Natural Oak


Scope Beech

Scope Calvados

Scope Maple

Scope Montana

Scope Walnut

Stainless Steel

Timo from Biefbi

Timo Wood from Biefbi

Tavola - stained & painted

Ultra High Gloss



Wild Oak