Timo from Biefbi is a sprayed gloss and handleless

Also from Biefbi in gloss are Murano and Venezia

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Gloss doors are produced by a number of manufacturers and break down in to the categories below. Most manufacturers produce vinyl wrapped, flat and convex, doors with handles. A few also include concave doors with handles in their range. A few Italian manufacturers produce a sprayed gloss lacquer door, in any colour, and in a handleless form

Sprayed gloss lacquer on an MDF board

Usually offered in any colour with flat, concave and convex curved doors.  Also offered as a handleless range, eg Biefbi’s Timo
Manufacturers supply a pot of touch up paint for chips etc. More robust than vinyl.

Can be over sprayed at a later date when a colour change is needed. Edge profiles differ especially in ranges that only offer flat doors. Because the final spray coat is clear the colour appears to have more depth

Laminate mounted onto MDF, edged and spayed with a clear gloss
Flat and convex curved doors are edged with a self coloured vinyl/PVC strip.
The most robust of the door types but the edge strip can be seen on close inspection. Italian and German manufacturers will offer ranges with contrasting edging. Usually a little more expensive than vinyl wrapped doors.

Solid acrylic (Perspex)
Doors are usually of solid material up to 10 mm thick. Can be manufactured in flat, convex and concave doors. Light scratches can be polish out. An alternative is to mount a 3mm acylic sheet on an MDF board and edged with a metal strip. Normally only supplied as flat doors. Acrylic is a harder/tougher material than vinyl and gives the perfect gloss but not the depth of a sprayed lacquer.


Futura Pergamon & Cappuccino Gloss. A sprayed gloss handleless range with an good range of colours and with woodgrain effect gloss doors. Now includes curves.


They do a sprayed gloss door with curves and handles called Lastra.

Avant from PWS produce gloss vinyl doors in colours and wood effects.

Avant Black

Avant White

Avant Ivory

Avant Beige

Avant Cappuccino

Avant Ebony

Avant Terra


Opus - red, white, black & latte