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New and unusual door styles for kitchens and bedrooms


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Updated 10/2010


Door designs for kitchens and bedrooms are always being updated and the following are some of the more pertinent offerings from our suppliers along with some more unusual door treatments if you are looking for something with a difference or with impact.

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Futura - handleless and now with curves (9/2010)

The Future range, now with curves, from the Cucina Colore collection is a handleless range with a good selection of doors in a silk wrapped vinyl, gloss sprayed and a woodgrain effect laminate that is sprayed with a clear gloss - all available from GreyGreen


Biefbi Timo wood - handleless

A recent introduction to the Timo range is a wood veneer which is also in all of their curves. There is natural oak and a small range of stained colours. The wood can also be sprayed any colour and the natural grain of the oak is allowed to show through.


Biefbi Murano

They have introduced a new door style that features a mitre cut on the top edge and the edge that meets the panel at the end of a run.

The worktop is also mitred so that there is no discernible thickness. It makes for a very simple, clutter free, design that is very contemporary.  The colour is a sprayed gloss and it can be had in any colour


Alto from Burbidge

This is an exciting development with a sprayed matt/satin finish that gives a velvety look and feel. There are a number of exciting colours and the range features an offering of different curve configurations both concave and convex. It can be combined with slab style veneered doors or foiled doors.


Book matched veneers

Supplied by an English manufacturer this is a very exciting development. Book matched veneers are taken off a complete tree trunk, and interesting grain patterns are looked for to provide the maximum impact. This makes for a truly stunning kitchen or bedroom door but there is a cost to this level of expertise and care.

Another supplier has a vast collection of different and interesting veneers some of which can be bookmatched.


Lansdowne from Burbidge

The shaker style door is now offered in an excellent variety of beautiful colours that show the wood grain of the oak. The natural oak can be combined with the sprayed colour to great effect.


Integrato - a handleless door

Only in white silk this is a take on the handleless doors in that the handle is concealed behind the door. It still features the aluminum backplate to facilitate the opening of the door/drawers.


Kitchens and bedrooms


Special veneered doors for the kitchen and bedroom

These are a range of specially veneered doors from a small English manufacture. They have a small collection of different and interesting veneers some of which can be bookmatched. For example they use beautiful veneers in Pippy Oak and Birds Eye Maple. These, combined with a variety of inlaid veneers, make for some very beautiful and unusual kitchen or bedroom doors. We pair these with our purpose made carcasses to create your dream kitchen/bedroom and a talking point for years to come.


Laminate doors

This is a very new range of wood effect doors that are manufactured from sheets of laminated chip board and edged in matching vinyl. The wood effect is enhanced by an embossing to give it a very real wood look. Particularly interesting is the Fantasy & Woodgrain finishes. This is a very cost effective way of constructing doors and makes the ideal choice for those on a tight budget.



Most bedroom doors are either vinyl wrapped or foil wrapped. and are printed in various wood effects. They have gotten better over the years and now most are very convincing. This along with better manufacturing techniques means that doors look like they have been constructed out of wood. The benefits are that they rarely warp and remain stable for years to come.

GreyGreen are able to offer traditional wood doors in a number of wood types and with sprayed finishes


Marpatt bedrooms

This is a French manufacturer that produces beautiful doors in wood and sprayed finishes. They also offer semi-bespoke door sizes.

Biefbi Timo Wood and
Biefbi Murano

This row
Alto and Bookmatched veneers

Biefbi Venezia with gold leaf wall cabinets and Lansdowne painted oak

This row
Laminate and Integrato

This row
Veneered doors in rare
and unusual woods

Marpatt Bedrooms

Top right: Cucina Colore Futura
A competively priced British handleless kitchen NOW with curves
Top left: Newly installed Biefbi Timo gloss